Zhongzi Law Office (“Zhongzi”), one of the PRC law firms in the form of private partnership, was approved by the Ministry of Justice of the PRC (i.e. the People’s Republic of China) in early 1993.  Upon tremendous efforts made in nearly thirty years, Zhongzi has become a well-known PRC law firm having a good reputation at home and aboard for providing high quality legal services in a very wide range of areas where legal services are needed.


At present, Zhongzi has more than three hundred and sixty personnel, including lawyers, other professionals and supporting staff. Most of our lawyers graduated from reputable universities in China and/or western countries, and some of them had work experiences for years at prestigious foreign international law firms with their headquarters in the United States, Britain, Japan, etc.


With advantages in sound law education, substantial practice experience gained in both China and other foreign counties, bilingual language skills and good understanding of cultures in various countries especially their differences compared with those in China, our lawyers can better serve our clients by, among other things, removing or clarifying obstacles encountered by our clients concerned in their communication or negotiation with their counterparts and/or relevant government departments as a result of differences in law, culture, customs or even in language for the parties concerned. We firmly believe that an experienced lawyer with highly bilingual skills can provide international clients with much better legal service than a lawyer who is assisted by an interpreter, as such interpreters normally have no lawyer qualification, and their mistakes, if any, in interpreting/translating law-related terms and expressions may seriously mislead the lawyer to whom they assist, and it therefore could result in very serious misunderstanding among the relevant parties.


Over the years, we have committed to providing our clients with legal services of high quality in various areas, such as corporate, foreign direct investment in China, intellectual property, finance and banking, taxation, project financing, employment/labor, real property, insurance, insolvency and liquidation, environment protection, dispute settlement, defense in criminal proceedings, litigation, arbitration, etc.  The legal services provided by us are often of international or cross-border nature, whether the laws of the PRC apply directly or, although the laws of another jurisdiction apply, the laws of the PRC would have an implication on the relevant matters, and quite often international treaties or conventions are also involved.  It is always our top consideration to present our clients with better solutions in a given situation.


Our headquarters is located at a modern office building adjacent to the Finance Street of Beijing, occupying a gross floor area of more than 5,000 square meters, and our office is equipped with various modern office facilities and equipment, which not only enable us to communicate with our clients efficiently and in a reliable manner, but also ensure that our documents be processed and presented in good quality. In addition to our headquarters in Beijing, we also have branch office in Shanghai, Tianjin, Jinan and Taiyuan and it is our intention to open more branch offices in other cities in the future.


As a law firm of private ownership, we are not owned or otherwise controlled by any third party other than being in compliance with all applicable laws.  This ensures us to provide legal advice independently and not influenced by any third party.

Corporate and Investment

Zhongzi Law Office has been providing clients with legal services covering all corporate issues, i.e. from establishment up till liquidation, such as:

●     making proposal as to shareholder structure and governance framework

●    conducting legal due diligence for acquisition of equity or assets

●    assisting clients in their commercial negotiations

●    drafting, reviewing and modifying corporate documents

●    assisting clients in applying for approval by and/or registration with the relevant government departments

●    advising clients on tax law, intellectual property, employment, foreign exchange, customs, etc.

●    advising and assisting clients in relation to corporate reorganization, liquidation and bankruptcy


Capital Markets

Zhongzi is qualified to advise on securities and such qualification was granted by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (“CSRC”) as early as 1993, when Zhongzi was established. Over the past twenty-eight years, Zhongzi has represented issuers and underwriters for more than one hundred initial public offering and other deals in securities in the capital markets in China.  


Zhongzi offers the services in relation to:

     initial public offering of shares

●     issuing and listing of bonds

     placing of shares

     convertible bonds

     stock options

●     employee stock option scheme

     management buy-out

     merger, acquisition or restructuring


In relation to the aforesaid, our clients include issuers and underwriters and our services include such as legal due diligence, advising clients on all legal aspects concerned, issuing legal opinions, reviewing and verifying documents for disclosure, etc. 


We provide legal services for setting up, managing and operating investment funds which include security investment fund, venture capital, real property funds and limited partnership funds. Our services cover such issues as fund structuring, operation and management, assisting clients in coordinating with fund managers, investors and custodians while monitoring compliance with the laws and regulations.


Our lawyers have gained substantial experiences in dealing with complex legal matters related to mergers and acquisition, demerger, shareholding or assets restructuring, share redemption, purchase and disposal of stocks or assets of non-public companies and listed companies.



Employment/labor issues are always considered by Chinese and foreign enterprises/entities as one of the main concerns in their management as the laws and regulations of the PRC in this area are not only complex but also very much in favor of employees in general and legal risks exposed to employers/entities are therefore high.  Our lawyers are experienced in assisting clients dealing with complex legal issues in relation to employment/labor, ranging from providing legal advice, preparing/reviewing documents up till representing our clients in labor dispute arbitration proceedings and in the PRC courts.


Real Property

We are experienced in providing real property related legal services to real property developers, construction enterprises, banks and other relevant entities and individuals, such as:

     setting up companies for engaging in real property development

     legal due diligence, negotiations for acquisition of equity/assets in real property companies

     transfer of the state-owned land use right

     resettlement and compensation related to the primary land development

●     bidding in relation to design, supervision, general contract and subcontract of construction projects

     drafting and reviewing contracts in relation to design, supervision, equipment procurement, as well as general contract and subcontract

     financing of real property development

     lease and sublease of real property

     hotel construction and hotel management

Bankruptcy and Liquidation

This team of us has been in practice of corporate bankruptcy, liquidation and reorganization of enterprises for many years.  One of our partners participated in drafting the Enterprise Bankruptcy Law of the People’s Republic of China, and he is also the author of the Bankruptcy Guidelines for All-China Lawyers Association.  All these have made Zhongzi better equipped in providing legal services for liquidation, reorganization and bankruptcy of enterprises in China.

Dispute Settlement

Our lawyers have established a good reputation in providing clients with practical, efficient and comprehensive legal advice and solutions, assisting clients maximizing their interests at low cost.  Our lawyers’ experiences in dispute settlement have been widely recognized.


Our litigation practice started in early 1990s. Our lawyers have been practicing in almost all legal fields, mainly representing our clients in criminal, civil, commercial and administrative proceedings.  Some cases represented by our clients have even been published by the Supreme People’s Court of the PRC as typical cases. So far, our lawyers have successfully represented our clients in many litigation, arbitration and administrative proceedings, and some of these clients are Fortune 500 Companies in the world.

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