April 8th, 1993
Zhongzi Law Office was established on April 8th, 1993. Yulin ZHAO was director for the first term and principal members included Jun JIA, Sheng SU, Junbao SUN and so forth. The office was located in Beijing New Century Hotel, No. 6 SHOUDUTIYUGUAN South Road.
In 1995, Zhongzi established a close cooperation with MORISOGO Law Office, a top-notch large law office in Japan.
July, 1999
Agreed by Ministry of Justice and approved by State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C, Zhongzi obtained the qualifications for patent agent service concerning foreign countries and became the first law firm in China which owned such qualifications.
Yulin ZHAO, one of founders of Zhongzi Law Office, retired from director and became the lifelong honorary director of the office. Jun JIA was elected as director for the second term.
Zhongzi Law Office set up a branch office in Shanghai.
October, 2004
Zhongzi relocated to International Investment Building in Xicheng District, with office space occupying over 3,000 square meters.
April, 2005
Partners and lawyers increasingly joined in Zhongzi. In order to regulate management and scientific decision-making, Zhongzi began to implement partnership management committee was founded. Managing partners for the first management committee included Jun JIA, Yulin ZHAO, Bin YIN, and Weijun WANG.
January, 2008
Zhongzi relocated to New Era Building with office space occupying 4,000 square meters.
April, 2011
The second term of the management committee was set up whose managing partners included Jun JIA, Bin YIN, Xuefang YANG, Xiaosen ZHANG and Wei GAO.
April, 2014
Jun JIA, one of founders of Zhongzi Law Office, retired from director and Bonan Lin was elected as director for the third term. The third term of the management committee was set up, whose managing partners included Nan ZHANG, Sheng SU, Bin YIN, Wei GAO and Chunyi LI.

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